Tryptizoic, Burial in the Sky


An image of ancestry and the doom of human guilt, riding in the bones of society, both ancient and future. Many of these societies and cultures shared visionary mythologies, albeit, unaware of each other’s existence. One such myth is that the world (universe) rides on the shell of a titanic tortoise. Bones, shells, artifacts…are always discovered in the ground, not in the lofty heavens in which we project our “great works of humankind” to reside. A reassignment of the domain of the spirit; read outside the skull.

This image has fantastic attention to detail, and carries a very “cosmic” charge. The breast plate of the female family tree is jeweled with a captured moon. Across the littered cave is to be found an earth-like model, resting in a rotational device.

The pelican-like bird is borrowed from ancient Christian mysticism. It stabs its own heart, but at first glance, appears to be feeding its young. Following the vines and stems hanging down from the nest, one will discover the mimic of a fetus.

Material: cardstock
Orientation: landscape
Size: approx. 11 x 17 inches