The Truncation of the Zodiac


The three ages of women is a classic theme, here visited and delivered in psychedelic fury. A young girl emerges from the garden, apron string vines attached, but falling, and melds into the potential hazards of life in the world. When sexual politics and body consciousness rears its heads, the girl becomes a mere body, a baby making machine, surgically and societally altered to please, and thus loses her “self. (Here depicted by a headless torso utilizing a puppet mechanism to manipulate the fetus in the womb.) All three figures are the same woman, in different stages in her evolution. Note the single fish, venturing on land for the first time, as a metaphor. As she pulls the hood over her head, at the moment the universe enters her world, we see it, overhead, infested with insects. The final view is her soul, naked, sprayed sleepily over the skull of a long dead triceratops (presumably culled from the water). She is now allied with the dead, and indeed, is as one dead.

This painting was used as the poster/CD/album cover for Sixty Watt Shaman’s “Seed of Decades” recording, on Spitfire Records.

Material: cardstock
Orientation: landscape
Size: approx. 11 x 17 inches