Morpheus Descends, Ritual of Infinity


As it stands, this album is considered among the top 100 most important death metal recordings ever produced, often listed in the top 20. Created in oil and rotring dyes, this cover painting happened at a time when the rules hadn’t been set concerning the “true look” of death metal, as opposed to traditional heavy metal, or the current thrash metal genre. I heard a demo tape by this band, then going by the name of Morpheus, called “Corpse Under Glass”, and I thought it was the most aggressive, heavy, and morbid metal I had yet heard. I wrote the band immediately and bought the tape. They had heard of me from the various horror comic books I was writing at the time, such as Cadaver, Necrotica, Jeffrey Daumer, and Boold Reign. They phoned me, and talks began over the creation of this iconic cover painting. The image was designed with color in mind, as far too many death metal album covers were gray and colorless, or extremely monotone in approach. Although it’s hard to see this now, this was a very unusual cover in those days, provoking as much hating for the painting as it did in favorable interest. I have been told countless times by fans that this is one of their favorite death metal covers and has inspired them to take up art themselves. Is there a better legacy?

Material: cardstock
Orientation: square
Size: approx. 11 x 11 inches