Image of Leviathan, The Seducer of Eve


Artist and author Phillip Rubinov Jacobson coined the term “Precision Mysticism”, and its application to this powerful image is most appropriate. Leviathan, and the Serpent of Eden are seen as a metaphoric hybrid reptile that carries the souls of the damned in the flesh. Figures writhe and morph from its scales as a metaphysical Venus, witnessed here in mermaid persona, pulls both ends of countless centuries of existence into her being. Vast gulfs of time are symbolized by the cohabitation of prehistoric reptiles, and modern era swans. As the garden is pilfered to create the end all feast, a girl envisions herself as a great performer, amazing a nonexistent audience by mimicking the flappings of a bat. The thought of a moment’s inspiration is symbolized by the muse/fish bedecked with a flickering candle of notion. Death is present, heartless, creating the empty ribcage from his own fingers.

Material: cardstock
Orientation: landscape
Size: approx. 11 x 17 inches